Kitchen Bench tops

Your kitchen space has to be a useful and pleasant one because you use it daily for cooking and dining.  Kitchen space is an essential part of each house therefore it must be designed to offer maximum utility and ease.  Your kitchen is normally a focal point in your home so it is crucial that you have your benchtop looking fantastic.

In the kitchen your bench top is one of the most utilized spaces.  It should be designed for function, sturdiness and durability whilst strong enough to withstand constant usage.  Stone continues to be the material of choice by architects for centuries.  Today, stone is usually seen engineered and polished to show supreme finishes and vibrant effects both on the exterior and interior.  Typical places for stone to be seen used in a private home is in the kitchen as a bench top, splash back and apron.

The excellent endurance properties of stone benchtops means they have become a well-known choice for homeowners looking to develop their dream kitchen.  Stone has long been the favorite recommended by professional kitchen planners and builders all around the world.  Stone is a incredibly great choice for kitchen bench tops and other work areas mainly because of its durability and toughness.

Stone bench tops make an outstanding choice.  They’re well-liked and offer a lot of variety.  The two most popular and affordable types of stone bench tops are quartz (often referred to as Engineered stone) and granite.


Granite bench tops are quarried directly from the earth as a single chunk.  These bench tops are all natural stone that have been taken out as large blocks and are later cut into individual slabs and polished.

A granite bench top provides a modern day look to the kitchen.  Granite is regarded as a sophisticated looking bench top.  No matter what your personal style, the elegance of granite will maintain it’s diamond-polished look for years, and possesses numerous and versatile advantages compared to other materials.  A large selection of colours gives a variety of looks that will compliment almost any decor.  The material is versatile – cut-outs can be made for hobs, sinks, drainers and basins to harmonise with your kitchen design.  Belfast and French Porcelain sinks marry perfectly with these tops to give a traditional look, completed with bridge mixer taps.

Granite is produced out of natural stone so it is stain and scratch resistant, and is heat and water resistant also. Nevertheless, it’s always best to use cleaning solutions created for granite to keep it looking like brand new, and cleaning is as simple as a damp cloth, making hygiene very easy.


Made from one of the hardest minerals on earth, quartz counter tops are arguably the most durable option for kitchens.  They’re also some of the most eye-catching, with a wide variety of colours.

Quartz bench tops are produced from a combination of natural quartz, resin pigments and binders which makes them strong and maintains the appearance of the natural stone.  They are non-porous and very hygienic, low maintenance and clean.  Quartz bench tops are heat, crack, dent and scratch resistant and they are manufactured in a variety of different patterns and colours.
Quartz benchtops are now the most popular and sought after product when remodelling or building a new kitchen due to their easy maintenance, indestructible properties and vast colour choice.  There are many quartz brands that are on the market and prices can vary.


Being a natural stone, no marble slab will be similar to another.  Marble bench tops are chosen by people who favor décor over functionality.  The special swirls and veins showing up on marble increase a elegance to your décor.  They are however not the best among other stone bench tops.  They are porous and react to acids and food colorings such as vinegar and turmeric.  With the passage time your marble bench top may start to lose its original color, and may possibly demand polish.