Engineered-stone bench tops are guaranteed for 5 years for joints and workmanship.

Stone and Tops                                                            

5 Years Workmanship Warranty

Stone and Tops understand that workmanship is key to a quality job. So, we warranty the work of our company’s installers, plus all material used to the current owner for a period of 5 years, starting on the date of installation. (Please familiarise yourself with our stone care page to get information on stone cleaning and care guide to ensure the best care of your benchtops.)

  • Warranty covers stone bench top installation, material and workmanship, excluding acts of God (natural disaster, etc.).
  • Stone and Tops does not warrant for any colour change, general fading, discolouration or damage due to the use or solvents, inappropriate cleaning products, and non-pH. Neutral chemicals, which may include but are not limited to; bleach, Jif, caustic soda, Drino, oven cleaners and petroleum-based products.
  • The warranty excludes benchtop chips, cracks or any damage due to neglect or impact from heavy and/or sharp items being dropped onto it.
  • Damage caused by placement of high heat sources including pots, pans, cooking appliances such as kettles, electric frying pans, etc. is not covered by this warranty.
  • Stone and Tops are not responsible for joint cracks due to the cabinet movement, settlement/structural movement or water leak causing the cabinet expedition.
  • Damage to the benchtops resulting from the benchtops have been removed from their original place of installation is not covered by this warranty.